The 180: Disney Princesses Part Two

I haven’t done a post about the dolls from the 180 recently. I haven’t even worked on many of them. I’m currently working my way through a crate with several Disney dolls so today I’m going to share a trio of them. I have edited these photos to replace the backgrounds because I took the before photos in the bathroom which is not very attractive.

All of these dolls could probably use a bit more work but as I will be moving them on I may leave it for their next owner.

Simba Ariel

The first doll is made by Simba and I think she is very pretty. I like her colouring and silky red hair. Simba do make very nice dolls. Now, I think that this is Ariel but I’m not quite sure which one she is. I didn’t do a great deal to Ariel, just a bit of a clean. I would like to get her hair to sit better but so far haven’t tackled that. I don’t have any princess gowns on hand so I gave Ariel a short pink party dress and added a long skirt over it.

Simba Cinderella

This next doll is one of the main reason’s I have been a long time producing this post. I just didn’t want to deal with this doll’s crazy hair! She is made by Simba too and I think that she is Cinderella although I did also look at some pictures of Sleeping Beauty. However, despite her very striking blue eyes and articulated legs I could not work out exactly which doll she is. Perhaps some of our European readers can help out with an ID.

This doll’s hair was so matted and frizzy. I think I washed and conditioned it three times as well as a boil wash. I’m always a bit nervous about doing that with an unknown doll but honestly I didn’t think I could make it much worse. I ended up trimming some of the worst of the frizzies from the ends of her hair. There is still plenty left. As you can see it is still frizzy and I’m undecided about whether to try to improve it. That’s why I haven’t attempted an updo with it yet. I found her a blue dress to match the ribbon on her neck. I do wonder if this ribbon is a ring in attached to the pearl choker by her previous owner. It seem odd that she would have pink earrings and a blue ribbon. Cinderella is usually dressed in blue unless she is wearing a wedding dress. Sleeping Beauty I know is traditionally pink, that’s why I looked at a few.

Mattel Ariel

Here is another redhead. This one is by Mattel and is marked 1995 on her back and Disney on her head. She is another Ariel I think but again I am not sure which one. Mattel produced Little Mermaid Ariel dolls from the late 1990s to 2016 when they lost the licence. In that time they changed the size of the body once and the head mold several times. This one looks a bit like one of the earlier ones to me but I know very little about Disney dolls so if someone can give a proper ID please comment below. Failing that I’ll be paying a visit to 1,000 Splendid dolls. Ariel’s outfit is also a put together one. I had this white dress from another doll and added the white lacy skirt over it. I think it suits her.



  1. You have done a very good job taming the second doll’ s wild hair. The pink earrings would suggest Sleeping Beauty, as you said ,Cinderella usually wears blue and would have had blue earings. I did have Cinderella and Snow White but moved them on, I don’t generally collect the Disney Princesses, their faces are a bit cartoon looking. I am currently getting ready to do a photo shoot for the King’ s Coronation. I have got a few great outfits from Etsy and I have knitted some in red,white and blue. Then there’s the union flag props etc.

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    • A Coronation shoot sounds like great fun. I don’t collect the Disney Princesses for the same reason. I find the Disney faces too cartoon looking as well. That’s why I don’t know a lot about them. I’d never had dolls like these but for the crates of dolls and before that the Op Shop.


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