Fashion Doll Friday: Fashion Fairytale Ken 2009

Today we have another Friday Guy from The 180. Like Hottie last week he is in near new condition.

This Ken character was featured in the 2010 movie “Barbie, A Fashion Fairytale”. I have not seen it. I don’t watch the Barbie movies, but supposedly the plot line is that Raquelle, the resident mean girl, tricks Barbie into believing Ken has dumped her after she gets fired. The story has Ken attempting to get to Barbie, who has gone to Paris, to convince her that it was all a lie. On the way he suffers multiple mishaps but of course he gets there in the end and Barbie believes his story so all ends well.

I did unpick one of the stitches that attached Ken’s jacket to his body because I wanted to see his shirt. Of course it was one of those sleeveless fake shirts that is attached to the pants. Mattel was using this face sculpt for pretty much all the playline Ken’s of this era. He and Hottie could be brothers.

Ken came out a little orange in his photos so for fun I decided to do a bit of editing to make his skin tone a bit pinker and to change his expression just a little. Here he is.



  1. He’s a handsome Ken with proper rooted hair, shame that Mattel cut corners on the clothes. A separate shirt would be better but he still looks very handsome and is in good condition.

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