Fashion Doll Friday: Bandai Sailor Moon 1995

This week’s Friday Girl is Sailor Moon. These dolls were inspired by the Japanese Manga series of the same name. I know nothing about Manga and although I had heard of these dolls I am not sure if I had ever seen one before. As I understand it Sailor Moon and her friends are superheroes. The original Sailor Moon stories were serialised in a magazine but later there was a TV series that ran from 1995-2000.

When I first saw this doll in one of the crates I thought that she was damaged and put her in the box of clone dolls to be looked at later. It was only the other day when I took her out again and looked at her markings to ID her that I discovered who she was. As the previous owner of these dolls liked to embellish them I thought that she had stuck something on the dolls face. Once I saw the photos I realised that it was supposed to be there.

Recently, when I featured Ginger Spice in a post a reader told me that her dress was a Sailor Moon dress so I swapped their outfits.

Sailor Moon was clean and tidy when I took her out of the crate so I’m just giving her a dust. I think her mouth has been repainted but I’m not going to touch it.

In addition to these 11.5 inch dolls or action figures as they are sometimes called there are also six inch dolls and a line of plush toys. Bandai made a huge amount of Sailor Moon related merchandise.

Anime is really not my thing so I find these dolls quite strange looking but it was interesting to discover a bit more about them.



  1. I have never seen or heard of these dolls either. She has a face which reminds me of the Disney princesses. The superhero theme would be good imaginative play for children, if their phones can be removed from their grasp lol.

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  2. Such a different world we live in now. We had to learn to get creative and play by ourselves or with our friends instead of relying on electronics to amuse us. This topic came up in conversation recently with some of my local dolly friends. So many dolls are being abandoned as doll collectors age and few family members want their collections.
    But, on a brighter note, your Sailor Moon doll looks cute in her dress & boots. These dolls are quite popular with adult fans of manga and anime. I sold two at a recent doll show so there is a market if you decide to part with this doll.

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