The 180: Noughties dolls

I was debating whether to call this post Millennials or Noughties. At any rate these are dolls from the first ten years of the 2000’s.

Flower Power Teresa 2000

I nearly put her in the nineties category as she looks more like a nineties doll, I think. A few dolls with twist waists were made around 2000 but after that year it was pretty much all belly buttons apart from Dolls of the World and other special editions.

I know this doll because I used to have one myself. I regretfully culled her when I was trying to thin out the dolls a bit but I always liked her so I’m kind of glad to have another one. I do love the old Teresa face sculpt.

Swan Lake Odette 2003

I was puzzled about this doll who obviously had ballet arms but looked as if she had wings as well. OK, I thought , I will search for a fairy ballerina. Nutcracker didn’t look right so I kept searching and found the Swan Lake dolls. I took to my favourite Facebook Barbie group with my guess and some photos and had it confirmed by someone who had one. Score for me! Here is a link to a boxed one.

Odette was in very good shape but her legs were really dirty. Nothing a good clean wouldn’t fix though.

Fashion Photo Barbie 2002

Fashion Photo Barbie x3

Three of these dolls turned up in the crate. She must have been a popular doll. I was puzzled by the dance action body and wouldn’t have thought of searching the 2000’s but I turned to the Barbie Facebook group I follow for some help. I learned that she has the Generation Girl Barbie face and another member identified her as Fashion Photo Barbie for me. This doll came with a camera for the child to use. Here is a link to a boxed one.

These dolls are in varying conditions. One has had quite a big haircut, another may have had a trim or there may have been variations between dolls. I don’t have the original outfit for any of them so I’ve dressed them in random outfits from the box of odd clothing.

I am currently working on a post about nineties Barbies but have to re-photograph one as I wasn’t happy with the first photos. I also have to remember where I put her. I am also working on a post about celebrity dolls which is ready except one of the dolls has vanished and I have no idea what I have done with her. Wish me luck remembering.



  1. First, I had to LOL when I read about your disappearing dolls. Been there, done that! The doll/item usually turns up in the strangest place – or else is right in front of me. Hope you find your dolls.
    I’m glad you discovered the Flower Power Teresa. Such a pretty face, and I think we’ve all culled dolls from the herd and lived to regret it. Thank you for the link to the Flower Power dolls. I got the Barbie pants and hat loose and didn’t know what doll they were from. Nice to identify them, although my Insurgent Tris has claimed them as her own. Thanks for another fun post.

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  2. Me too. Been there, done that. Usually with clothes. Although I have a system, I can never find the particular item I need. I have the photo Barbie pink diamond pattern skirt, thank you for identifying it. These are all pretty dolls. Teresa is my favourite. It is nice to have a difference from the usual blonde and blue eyes.

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  3. This is a very interesting doll blog. The different doll photos you posted are all inspiring and worth viewing. They’re all lovely photos. Keep going and enjoy. Have a great day.

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