Fashion Doll Friday: Mattel Wee Three Friends Lila 2004

Our Friday Girl today is Wee Three Friends Lila. You may recall that I bought one before, from the market or an Op Shop but she had shorter her. This one, from The 180 is in very good condition and even still has her ice skates.

These dolls were based on little sister Stacie and they are called Stacie, Janet and Lila, however they are a different scale from Barbie and friends.

They were sold as playsets in a plastic zip up bag with the three dolls. I am not sure if they were sold individually or not. The playsets were “Rain, Rain, Rain” where the dolls are all wearing brightly coloured vinyl raincoats, “Dance, Dance, Dance” sleepover, winter and others. I am unsure whether Lila is wearing her own outfit. It certainly fits her as do her ice skates so she may be from a party or winter set.

Anyway, I think she is very cute but it is a pity that they didn’t make these sets for regular sized Stacie or that there aren’t more dolls in this scale for more play opportunities. I am afraid I always had a problem putting out of scale toys together as a child. It just didn’t look right.



  1. She is a cute little doll however I do agree they would have been better to have been in scale with Stacie. I have also found it doesn’t look right on photo shoots with dolls of different scale together. I have a Stacie doll which is the correct scale to Barbie and Skipper and they work well together. Stacie was a present from my sister.

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