Barbie Fashions Around The World: Part Eleven


On a rainy Saturday afternoon Vivienne, Julia and Midge arrived at the Cruikshank’s warehouse. It had been some time since they had met for a fashion shoot. Vivienne had been on a buying trip for the store with Georgie and Midge had a lot of assignments that had taken her out of town.

“Where is Becky? asked Midge. Becky usually came along to look after the clothes and help the girls dress.

“Oh, she had something else on today.” Vivienne explained. Julia was busy picking out her outfit and paid no attention to the conversation. so, Vivienne added quietly, “She won’t work with Julia. It’s awkward but Becky can be stubborn.”

“We only have three dresses today so I’m sure I can manage without a dresser for once.” Vivienne added. “These are all fashions from South East Asia.”

Just then the other two models arrived, they were both volunteers at The Cruikshank Foundation.

The Magazines:

The Team:

The Models:

  • Julia – Model Muse Body
  • Nolee – Belly Button Body
  • Madison – Belly Button Body

*Note: Nolee and Madison are My Scene dolls and you will see more of them in a future post.

The Fashions:


Julia volunteered to be photographed first as she was now a seasoned model. The outfit was a perfect fit on her and she said it was very comfortable to wear too.


Nolee came next in an outfit from Vietnam. This outfit should have a hat but unfortunately it was missing. The outfit was a good fit on her though.


Madison was the last one to be photographed in the outfit from Mynamar (formerly Burma). She was a bit worried because her very short hair meant that she was unable to wear the headband that came with the outfit. “Don’t worry about that. ” Vivienne told her. “Why don’t you wear it as a neckband instead?”

Midge then asked the girls to pose for their group shots but declined to be in any of them. She promised to add some backgrounds to the photos when she edited them too.

The Models
The traditional group shot


  1. Beautiful outfits and beautiful backdrops. I always enjoy the story as much as the fashions. Thanks for the work and time you put into making these fashion shoots.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with Elizabeth. The stories are so much fun and the girls are all interesting characters. I have Madison and Kennedy from the My Scene range. Already looking forward to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

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