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This was me in early 2017.

I have been collecting dolls now since the 1990’s although I already had a few before that.  I collect several types including dolls from the 1960s, the type I played with as a child. In fact I still have my first baby doll and several of my other old dolls including a Sindy from 1963 or 64.

I also like dolls made by the Australian company Netta. I feel a connection to these dolls because the factory was in Adelaide where I lived for many years.

However the largest part of my collection is fashion dolls, Sindy of course but also Tammy and both vintage and modern Barbie dolls.

I live in the Huon Valley in Tasmania with Cindy the dog and Polly the cat. I also enjoy scrapbooking, blogging and fixing up dolls that come to our local Op Shop. I enjoy doing doll photography but also getting out and about to take pictures of buildings and scenery.

My doll wishlist:

I have really been lucky to get almost everything on my old list but of course there is always something else to want.

  1. A black vintage Pedigree doll baby or walker.
  2. To own every outfit in my old “Sindy Set” booklet from 1964-5
  3. A Colour Magic Barbie would round out my vintage Barbie collection



My collection is a little different from Vanda’s as it does not centre around traditional dolls or even female dolls so much. I still have Bridgett my big walking doll from our dad and my two baby dolls Colin and Peter who was a replacement for my original Kader, Peter, who was stolen by our cousin. Mum threw Mark, my favourite baby doll, away. I remember how heartbroken I was about that. I loved Colin and Peter but never as much as Mark even though he was just a cheap plastic doll.

I collect toys rather than just dolls but dolls are still a big part of what I collect. Although there are robots, cars and games etc there are also some dolls. I like the vintage Mod Barbie dolls as I like the fashions and hairstyles. I am also a big collector of Ken. I have quite a lot of Ken dolls and have been collecting them while Vanda collects the Barbies. Between us there are a lot of dolls, outfits and props. We have a lot of fun with these.

My other main interest is my paper doll collection. Vanda has featured many of the sets in this blog. I love these because of the many different clothing styles and the fun you can have dressing them up. When I was a child Vanda and our cousin Della taught me to trace around the dolls so I could create my own outfits for them to wear. This was always a favourite pastime of mine. I used many different things to colour the outfits with such as pencils, crayons, cray pas and textas. I even experimented with the foils from Easter Eggs.

Finally there are my dolls houses and all the furniture that I have collected over the years. I have both tin and wooden houses. I love any tin toys as they have such beautiful lithograph on them. The designs are just delightful. The wooden houses such as Triang are just as amazing and I still ooh and ahhh over the detail. How I wish I could shrink and explore these miniature marvels. In those days so much attention was spent on every detail so every boy and girl would receive a toy just like the real thing. I think this is why toys were so loved and remembered with such fondness by us baby boomers.

My Wish List

  • More Kens and clothing for Ken I actually liked
  • Stockbroker dollhouse and early vintage furnishings
  • Somewhere to put everything.

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  1. Hi
    I found your page today while looking for info on “Wendy” my “floppy doll”. Wendy is a Dee Gee doll made in Canada.she looks similar to Thumbilina except she has closing eyes.
    There is not much information out there about Dee Gee at all. Wendy would have to be close to 50 as i am 55.
    Love your pages
    Kind regards
    Lyn warren


  2. Hi, there! Responding to your comment on my Bride & Groom swan. First, they aren’t really “mine”, although I probably have as much claim to them as anyone. I was told that a neighbor “up river” imported 7 black swans from Australia many years ago. As far as I know, my “Groom” swan is the last remaining one of the seven. And I don’t know for sure that he’s a he…or that “Bride” swan is a “she”. Since you commented that you had read back in previous posts, you know their story. They’ve become very dear to my husband and me, and I find myself worrying about them when a storm approaches….. Thanks for reading!

    I’m going to come back soon to look around your blog – I have a few of my dolls from childhood: Shirley Temple, Baby Tears, and Chatty Cathy. Gave away my Barbies when I thought I was too old for dolls, and have regretted that for many years.


    • Thanks for explaining. I was quite puzzled about that. I am glad that Groom found a friend even of a different species. I was so curious I had to see if there was an explanation and I think you are very lucky to have them both as regular visitors. Is Bride a bit larger than Groom? I had the impression that white swans were larger but I haven’t seen as many, only in the UK.
      Regarding the dolls I gave away a lot of mine as a teen as well and this collection kind of started with me wanting to replace childhood favourites and obtain others that I’d alway liked but never had. After that it just went a bit mad. 🙂


      • Groom seems “taller”. Bride has a lame foot, so she has difficulty walking. She’s so graceful in the water and so awkward on land!


  3. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog today! I have my old Chatty Cathy, Shirley Temple and Tiny Tears dolls from my childhood. Sadly, I gave away all my Barbies and their clothes to my niece when I decided I was too old to play with dolls, a decision I still regret…


  4. Hello. My mother, who is the doll collector/sellf found a working 1992 Toy Biz Baby Loves to Talk doll today. Would anyone know where I can find the pamphlet containing the instructions for this doll. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Donna I don’t know if the company that made her is still in business, if so you could contact them. Otherwise I’d just try a search to see if anyone has posted one online. If anyone who reads the blog has one and can help Donna out with a copy then please let us know.


  5. Hi, I am looking for a specific Corolle doll and I am wondering if you might be able to help me. I believe the doll I am looking for is this one. My three year old daughter died ten months ago very suddenly. She was in hospital and when they took her away, her Corolle doll was with her. I hadn’t realized it would be cremated with her, and I would like to get a replacement. I have done a lot of web browsing, and the only thing I can find is in France for 35 Euros plus about $45 shipping, so thought I might try some other avenues. Hers was 12 inches with a bean bag white body printed with the Corolle logo, and vinyl arms and legs. The eyes didn’t open and close, but they were blue, and it had short blonde hair. Grace was a very special little girl, born at 26 weeks under extremely adverse conditions, and survived through so much to come out a happy, healthy girl with no problems except for a bowel issue that wasn’t supposed to be much of an issue. Unfortunately, complications from the bowel scar tissue that doctors nor ANY imaging could see ultimately took her within 18 hours of being admitted to hospital for what was supposed to be a minor infection. It would really mean a lot to me if I could get another of this doll, so any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. This is a picture of Grace with her baby. I had sent an email off to Corolle themselves, but they didn’t think they would have this particular doll in stock, as it was a number of years old. This is what it looks like, probably from 1997, named Igor.

    Thank you for your time,
    Paula Harmon


    • Hi Paula. I am so sorry for your loss. I can post a picture of the doll here on the blog and perhaps there will be a reader who has one to sell or has seen one on eBay , Etsy or some other sale site. I’m not familiar with Corolle myself so I don’t know how hard to find this doll is but someone will know I’m sure.


  6. I have a Skippy Wedding Doll “Debbi Eve” in Box w/Tag. Are you able to help me determine a value and any other details regarding this? It was my Grandmothers.


  7. Hi I have 9 x Home made peg Dolls that I am trying to get a price for and sell – They were made in about 1908, I also have the Certificate of Authentication from the Pallas Gallery LTD in London. I do have photos if you require them for your viewing. Thanks Aaron

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    • Hi Aaron, I’d be very happy to see your photos but I don’t do valuations on this site as I’m not a professional valuer. My first suggestion would be to look at the sold listings on eBay or other auction sites to see if any similar ones have been sold recently and for how much. Otherwise as you have the paperwork perhaps try an antique dealer who specialises in dolls.


    • Hi Trish, thanks for the link. The black Pedigree Walkers are a bit more expensive than the white ones usually and that is the main reason I haven’t bought one as yet. I’m a strong believer that things come to you when you are meant to have them.

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  8. Hi
    I find your page & your site. I read your info. I appreciate. Very good & very nice yours work. Awesome your idea make dolls. I much like. I am so glad. I am interested. I live in India.

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  9. Hi there doll sisters !
    I am writing the official book for Sindy’s 60th. I am currently researching & doing several interviews.

    I would like to talk with you in connection with that.

    Thanks so much!

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    • Hi I think I saw your post about that on Facebook recently I am so looking forward to reading it when you have it done. My own childhood Sindy came from England with me but most of my others were bought here in Australia via eBay except for a couple I was lucky enough to get at markets. I know we have Sindy lovers amongst our regular readers. Perhaps you’d like to write a guest post explaining what you are doing and what information you are looking for. You can contact me via email or Facebook Messenger. I belong to the Australian Sindy group.


  10. I have a tri Ang No 61 doll house that needs some love & restoration
    I would love some one to love it & restore it.
    Do you have any suggestions of where or who to contact
    Do you have an idea of value?


    • I can’t suggest much as I don’t know where you are. I would suggest finding out if there is a miniaturists club in your area as they might know of someone who would be willing to take the job on. Two good sources of information about how the house should look would be a blog called Shed on the Pond, by Lee Higgins.
      Also a website called Dolls’ House Past & Present.
      Both are based in the UK and have a lot of pictures of Triang houses in various stages of restoration.
      If you do social media you could also try looking to see if there is a Facebook group for dolls house collectors.
      As to value it will depend very much on the condition of the house. The more of the original features it has the more it would be worth. I usually suggest looking at sold items on eBay but I know these old houses don’ t come up very often. I hope this helps. Good luck with your 61, and please let us know how you get on with it.


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