Action Figures

When is a doll not a doll? When it’s an action figure. When we were children girls played with dolls and boys played with action figures like GI Joe or Action Man but these days the line between dolls and action figures is a little blurry at times. Both dolls and action figures may or may not have articulation and may or may not represent fictional characters or celebrities.

They come in all shapes and sizes from fairly simple ones to detailed articulated figures. Some popular makers of action figures are Mego, Hasbro, Mattel (remember He-Man?), Bandai, Hot Toys and  Neca to mention a few.

This page has links to our posts about collectible action figures/dolls. Most of these belong to Naomi as she has been collecting some of her favourite characters for a long time. You have met some of them already and there will be more joining the family in the future.

Our Action figure posts are more about having a bit of fun with them than as a resource for collectors but we may from time to time provide links to interesting collector sites as we do elsewhere in the blog.

Recently we read that Mego had released a new series of classic action figures representing characters from film and TV as well as comic books. These will be Target exclusives and look as if they will be very affordable even for us.

Here is a link .