Hints and Tips for Collectors

This page is a resource for collectors, especially new collectors. I’m not going to attempt to be a price guide because prices change so much and depend on so many things like condition, rarity, and even trends.

We’ll talk about common abbreviations sellers use, things to look for when buying and places you can look to research your purchase.  This page will also be a resource for tips on cleaning, maintenance, and repairs you can do yourself.  As always, readers hints and tips are more than welcome.

This page will be a work in progress. There are lots more we want to add to it so check back from time to time.

Buying and Selling

First of all those pesky abbreviations. Most of us have probably seen these when buying dolls but I’ll run through some of them for anyone who is new to it.

  • NRFB – Never removed from the box
  • MIB/MIP – Mint in box/mint in pack
  • EUC – Excellent used condition
  • TNT – Usually Barbie but can refer to other fashion dolls with a twist and turn waist.
  • HTF/VHTF – Hard to find, Very hard to find
  • HP – Hard plastic
  • SLW – Straight Leg Walker

A glossary of other doll related terms can be found here.

Buyer Beware

Here are links to a couple of posts we wrote about buying dolls.






Here you will find links to helpful articles on cleaning and fixing dolls.

Below are some posts I wrote about some of my own attempts.


I have not tried all the listed methods myself and am not recommending them. However, I have tried to list trustworthy sources. Please use caution when trying any of these methods.

Stain Removal












As you can see they all have nice clean shiny hair now.

Customising Dolls

There are loads of useful tutorials on repainting dolls, rerooting dolls and all kinds of creative stuff that people do. Here are just a couple of links to get you started. I’d suggest checking out YouTube for more.



Special Mention

A Thousand Splendid Dolls

This is an amazing resource that you can find on both Flickr and YouTube. If you want to know how to clean a doll, restyle hair, reroot, identify dolls or outfits, make accessories, store your dolls or keep a record it’s probably been covered.