Send in the Clones

This page has links to my posts on vintage fashion doll clones such as the ones pictured. A couple of the pictured dolls are mine but most belong to my sister Naomi who generously allowed me to share them with you.

I also thought that it would be a good place for a list of websites that feature clone dolls as I found a few different sites based in Europe. Bear in mind that sometimes people do stop updating their sites or even leave them altogether but I will try to check the links from time to time to make sure they still work.

The Land of Clones: Update: February 2019. This link no longer seems to be working. If anyone has an up to date link please let me know as I could not find one.

Doll Valley: Dolls by Plasty and Airfix  from Germany in German and English

Martha’s Fashion dolls: A Danish collector who has a wide variety of dolls featured. – A blog with pictures of the Fab Lu dolls.

Petra Dolls: featuring Linda

Fashion Doll Clones by Dorothy Guider: Good although small photos of fashion doll clones and clone fashions. Good description of doll marks.

Other good sources of photos of clone dolls are Pinterest, Etsy, eBay and other sales sites.



Send in the Clones Posts




Skipper Clone
A well made Skipper clone from the sixties.
The two long haired clone dolls
The two long haired clone dolls. The redhead’s hair is rather sparse.
Bubblecut Clones
The Bubble cut clone dolls.
Barbie clone
Barbie clone
Barbie clone bride
Barbie clone marked made in Hong Kong
Sindy Clone
This is a very well made clone.
Barbie/ Bild Lilli clone.
blonde Sindy clone
This doll is also marked made in Hong Kong but is different from the others.


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