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Readers Mystery Dolls

Some of the dolls we have featured over the last few months. Some have now been identified.

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From time to time readers of this blog contact me to identify a doll for them. I don’t pretend to be an expert and have dolls of my own that I am still researching. However, just because a doll is a mystery to you, and to me doesn’t mean that she is a mystery to everyone. Sweet Sue, below, was a doll that I was given and could not identify by myself. I posted a picture of her here on the blog and not long after I was contacted by Marilyn who recognised her at once. Of course Sweet Sue is a well known doll in America, not so much in Australia.
I believe that sharing information helps us all so I have created this page with links to posts about mystery dolls.

Sue's new outfit
Sue’s new outfit


If you have information about one of the mystery dolls you see on the blog it would be great if you would comment either here or on the post.

If you have mystery dolls you would like help identifying please write to me at with a description of your doll and photos if you have them. Let me know if you are happy for the picture to be posted on the blog. I am happy to crop out people’s faces to maintain privacy if necessary.

Things to include in your description

  • Height – measure from top of head to heels
  • Material – eg hard plastic, soft plastic, vinyl, wood, porcelain, composition, cloth etc.
  • Eyes – sleep eyes (they close) fixed eyes, painted eyes. Also eye colour and if there are “real” lashes can be included.
  • Hair – rooted into dolls head or wig, colour, material.
  • Marks – These are important although not all dolls have them. Look on the back of the neck, between shoulders, back or bottom. There could be a logo, numbers or letters.
  • If you know whether your doll is in her original outfit this can also help.

Mystery Doll Posts

I’ll try to include links to doll ID resources on this page soon.