Barbie’s Closet

One of the reasons that I almost always de-box my Barbies is because I love Barbie fashions and always have. I used to drool over the outfits in the 1960s Barbie booklets and I love redressing my dolls in different outfits just as much now as I did 50 years ago.

Over the past couple of years I’ve been sharing photos of Fashion Avenue and Fashion Fever Fashions on the blog and so I’ve decided to create this page of links to those posts.

My Fashion Fever Closet posts have evolved into a bit of a fun thing with the models presenting the fashions in the form of a fashion show where sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. However, they are still meant to showcase the outfits and help collectors who may have random pieces work out where they came from. As I was not always well organised in how I stored fashions some sets are incomplete so I always try to include a photo of the complete set so that all pieces can be identified.

I will also include Fashion Avenue outfits, current Fashionista outfits, vintage and reproduction outfits. My home-made efforts and other OOAK outfits I have bought I’ll try to catalogue elsewhere on the blog.




Black Basics Barbie 08 in a Fashion Avenue Trend City Syle from 1999
Mbili is a Black Basics Barbie 08 in a Fashion Avenue Trend City Style from 1999
The Models
The Models