Fun with Barbie and Friends

image Barbies at the beach
Jill, Lisa and Fiona a travelling Barbie, at the beach.

A page about playing Barbie with links to my Barbie posts.

Victoria's sewing room-props courtesy of my sister.
Victoria’s sewing room-props courtesy of my sister.
Office staff Pam, Julie (sitting), Beverly, Hayley,
Office staff  Cathy,Pamela, Julie (sitting), Beverly, Hayley,Andrea (sitting)-props courtesy of my sister.
Polly Pocket Courtney makes toast.
Polly Pocket Courtney makes toast.

image Fashion Fever Barbie in spa pool.
Annie in the spa
Midge at Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania
Midge at Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania
Attack of the Daleks!
Attack of the Daleks!


    • Yes it is one of mine. It was taken at my sister’s place a couple of years ago. She was out doing her night job or possibly it was one time when I house-sat for her and I obviously had too much time on my hands. I took a few normal photos of dolls at the bar then because she collects toys I had the idea of posing them with these remote control Daleks. I changed the picture to black and white because that’s how they looked on TV when I was a child and I always found the X-ray image they used when the Daleks exterminated someone very scary. Still love Doctor Who though.


      • Yes. I still love Dr. Who. I prefer the old episodes over the modern. There is a different feel with black and white. And I loved Tom Baker’s version of the Doctor.


      • He was my favourite too until I saw David Tennant in the new series. It is a different feel in the modern one of course because it was created as a children’s show and now it is very adult although not as adult as Torchwood. But then all the kids who watched it from behind the couch are older too and the new generation wanted more technology I guess.


  1. I like the dalek photo. I hadn’t seen it before. It has given me an idea for some funny posts with pictures that I will do later for fun. They will be a surprise!


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