The Fashion Fever Project

This page is to be a resource for fans of Fashion Fever dolls and their fashions. I hope to add links to other sites featuring photos of boxed dolls and outfits which  I hope will help those who are trying to identify them. I’ll also include links to my own Fashion Fever posts. Readers’s photos are accepted for this page. I’d also be happy to publish links to reader’s blogs, Flickr stream or any other doll photos. I only ask that they be photos or your own dolls and outfits or photos that you have permission to use.

*Any reader photos posted on this site have been taken in good faith that permission has been given for their use.


Fashion Fever Dolls

Here is a nice collection of boxed dolls on Flickr curated by Margarita e.r. from Germany.

An excellent blog post by Magda Amaral from Brazil detailing the various waves of dolls.

Reader Contributions

Here I’ll feature pictures sent in by readers of Fashion Fever dolls and Fashions.  Contributors: Dani

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Fashion Fever Fashions

This is my Fashion Fever Pinterest page showing boxed outfits.

Fashion Fever Posts

Links to some of my recent Fashion Fever Closet posts.