The Most Popular Girl In Town – Collecting Barbie

Barbie has been a part of my life for a long time now and although I collect other dolls and love them dearly collecting Barbie is a fascinating hobby. There are now so many variations of Barbie, her friends and her family that most of us could not possibly hope to have them all.

image repro Barbie Bubblecut in OOAK
I love this outfit which was made by Lyn Scantlebury and given to me as part of my birthday present from my sister.

Different dolls appeal to different people. Some collect only vintage dolls, the Ponytails, Bubblecuts, American Girls etc. Others like the Mod Era of Twist and Turn, Living Barbie and all the fab fashions of that era. Still others may collect just one type of doll such as Skipper, Midge or Francie.  My sister for example collects Ken and other male fashion dolls. Younger collectors, and some of us older ones, like the modern collectible dolls too, Fashion Royalty, Silkstone, Basics or even playline Barbies. Whatever your taste or budget there is something out there for you to collect.

Living Barbie and Skipper
Living Barbie and Skipper

As for me I like a bit of everything. The vintage dolls remind me of my childhood and I do believe their clothes were better than any playline clothing being made now. In the early 1960s all Barbie’s outfits were realistic and detailed, that’s why they are classics today.

I like some of the Mods although not their fashions so much, but I also like the Fashion Fever and Basics dolls of recent years and there were some very nice Barbies and fashions made during the late 90s and early 2000s too.

One of my older Barbies Polly was a playline doll from the late 90s.
One of my older Barbies Polly was a playline doll from the late 90s.


My collection reflects all these interests. I guess you could say I’m an eclectic collector with a tiny budget but I still manage to have a lot of fun with my Barbies.

The next few pages will showcase some of my favourite Barbie family and friends. Very few of my dolls are NRFB. That is because I bought a lot of them secondhand and those that I did buy new I de-boxed (gasp) because I wanted to play with them.




  1. I love your blog! I collect mostly barbie dolls from 1962 to 1973 but do have more from later eras. Swirlsgirl.


  2. Your blog is a pleasure to peruse. It’s so relatable and I love the pictures. I have learned so much about collecting from you. I just started my collection and the Fashion Fever dolls are some of my favorites. I am so envious of your Fashion Fever clothing packs and really enjoy seeing the outfits modeled by your dolls.

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  3. I’ve enjoyed reading your post. I collect on a modest budget as well. I have a Tammy boyfriend doll I think is named Ted, I have an extra I would gladly share with you as thanks for your wonderful space here, also a unauthorized Elly May Clampett doll that would make a great friend to Tammy.If you would be interested I will leave my contact information below.

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    • Hi Laurel, Tammy had a brother named Ted and a boyfriend named Bud but to me they look very similar to each other in photographs. I don’t have either so I’d love your extra one. I’d be happy to pay for the postage of course.


      • No worries..glad to give him (Ted) a good home..I also have a Leslie Howard, (Ashley) doll formerly dressed as a civil war soldier from Gone with the wind. He is a duplicate, redressed. I have needed to share more of the duplicates I aquire in lots on e-bay to manage the size of my collection in my small home. Please send an address to send these asap.Thanks again for your great blog. warmest regards ,Laurel the foster mom of misfit toys.


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