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As children Naomi and I spent hours playing with paper dolls. Today we both still love the graphics and have been happy to find that many of our childhood favourites are now available as reproductions. Finding original paper dolls in good condition is pretty hard but sometimes you can get lucky.

We plan to write a series of posts featuring paper dolls from our own collections. Naomi loves the celebrity paper dolls featuring movie and television stars. I like the ones I played with as a child and I like the fashions of previous decades. We both enjoy looking at the old Barbie and friends paper doll books.

Some of the really old paper doll books we are not familiar with so we’d love to get feedback from readers if anyone can ID dolls or has a story to tell about them. If you have paper dolls of your own that you would like to share I’d be delighted to feature them in a post if you send me a photo and some information about them. My email address is


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