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I started this blog to learn something about writing blogs so I decided to write about something that is important to me, my dolls.

My dolls are not expensive, most are not mint or NRFB (never removed from box), a little piece of doll jargon I have learned. They are childhood dolls I couldn’t bear to part with, replacements for lost childhood dolls or dolls I wished I’d had. There are a lot of 1960s dolls because I was a child in the 1960s. There are fashion dolls of course, dolls made in all parts of the world, England, Australia, Canada, Italy and China. Dolls from op shops and markets, dolls I sat up half the night for hoping to win on eBay.

I hope to write a bit about each group of dolls, a bit about the dolls themselves and my own stories of how they came to me as well as other thoughts about dolls in general. I hope that if anyone stumbles on this blog they will enjoy reading about my dolls as much as I enjoy writing about them.

Recently I invited my sister Naomi to share this blog with me. Naomi has some of her childhood dolls too and has collected a few others as well as action figures as a part of her toy collection.

That's me on the left!
That’s me on the left!


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  1. I have a 2 foot doll made by Canadian dolls by Evelyn Strahlendorf. She is beautiful! Says she is in 3rd edition page 310 of collection. I haven’t been able to find her yet? Blonde, blue eyes wearing a faux mink jacket, or along the lines of that? And she walks with assistance of child. Any ideas as to how and find out Moreau? Sincerely Joan


    • Hi Joan. I am impressed that you have read that book. I’m always referring people to it but being in Australia have never seen a copy I could afford to buy. About the doll I assume you are checking eBay and other auction sites already. Other sources you might try would be doll shows if there are any in your area, doll clubs and even antique shops and fairs as dolls often show up. Other collectors go to deceased estate sales which is often a good source for older dolls. I’m happy to post a picture of her here on the blog too. Maybe someone who has one or knows of one for sale will contact you that way.


      • Hi Dave. It looks like you are in the USA so I can’t give you a lot of advice. I’m in Australia. However you can try eBay or similar online sales sites. If you do social media Facebook also has a lot of doll collecting groupls where people buy and sell. They are usually also quite knowledgable about identifying dolls and could help you. The key thing when you try to sell her is to give a complete description including any makers marks on the dolls body, a description of any flaws and some nice clear photographs. I hope this helps.


  2. Hi there, I am desperate to find my childhood Ratti Italian 12” Tjorven doll. She had freckles and an open mouth with teeth. My grandmother gave her to me and I lost her. I’m now 59. I’ve looked on eBay, Etsy, Amazon with no luck. Can anyone help please. Nancy.

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    • Hi Nancy, it can be really hard to find a particular old doll so I wish you luck with your search. I don’t know if you do social media but many doll collectors are now buying and selling on Facebook doll groups so you might try one of those or ask a friend or relative to look for you if you don’t want to check Facebook yourself.


  3. Hi there, i am writing to you to ask a few questions that you might know or be able direct me to… i have a few dolls that my Parents friend left them when she passed, there still in the original box (most of them) and have the certificates but I am unable to find them anywhere online… I have seen various others (Model #’s and years) but not for these… Just wondering if you have come across these before and might have some incite.
    One of theme is a 1986 Lissi Doll # 53 , White dress and nice little necklace with a rooster on it, and a pink ish bow on her head. All i know / found out is made in west germany back in 1986 but thats all i can find. Ebay does not have any with this # or even looks like this…

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    • Hi Daniel, if you would like to send me some photos of the dolls I’ll post them here. I don’t collect 1980s dolls myself but doubtless one of our readers will know. There is also a US based Facebook Page called Let’s ID our dolls. If you are a Facebook user or know someone who is you could ask for their help too as they seem to have knowledgeable members. Hope this helps.


  4. Hello,

    I am trying to find out more about this doll and the value. Can anyone assist?

    (Skippy Wedding Doll Debbi Eve Origianl Box w/Tag Vintage)


  5. Hey Taz, thanks for reading by story. Came to visit when it occurred to me you certainly know something I need to learn. Four 18 years we bought our daughter a doll at Christmas and on other occasions. They were displayed (still are) in a beautiful curved glass display case. I am not a doll person but I know they were really expensive and most are quite beautiful. My wife, daughter and granddaughter have no interest in them,. What does someone do with things like that? I cannot bring myself to throw them away and the only two people who took any interest just want their heads for some kind of Nuevo art. Can’t imagine. Their costumes are so elaborate. Thanks and thanks for reading.

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    • Hi Nat, that’s a sad situation. It would be a terrible waste to throw them away or dismantle them. However as they sound as if they are in good condition doll collectors may be interested if you want to sell them. You will find a huge section on eBay devoted to dolls and most of the other online sales sites have them too. Here are a few things that may help you decide if you want to go ahead with that. Collectors want to know things like the age of the doll and the make. If these are vinyl or hard plastic dolls with their original outfits they might have markings under their clothes or maybe you still have the paper tags that they often come with. There is a helpful group on Facebook called Let’s ID our dolls, it’s not a buy and sell but is US based and has knowledgeable members who can help with ID’s if you are not sure. One type of doll that don’t sell so well is modern porcelain dolls, At least they are not worth so much ,but some people buy them for their elaborate outfits.
      If the whole selling thing sounds like a lot of trouble you could donate them to a Thrift store instead or alternatively I’ve heard that some aged care homes give their residents dolls as therapy. If they are not breakable dolls that sounds like a nice option.
      I can understand that it would be sad to see these dolls that are a reminder of your daughters childhood end up being unloved and unwanted so I hope that I’ve given you some ideas. If you check back on the comments of this thread some of our readers might have some more specific suggestions for you as I’m in Australia and don’t know the organisations as well. I know that at least one reader regularly donates dolls so I’ll ask her to comment and maybe get in touch with you. Good luck.

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      • Hi Tas, Thanks for replying. I knew you were an Aussie. I also communicate with Paul V. Cann, a poet, a real wordsmith. never knew I liked poetry before him. He is also in Tasmania. My BIL went with his wife on cruise ship to Tasmania… here is a guy who didn’t like France because they spoke French. What a waste, never found out what Tasmanians have for breakfast. I served with some Aussies in Vietnam half a century ago… great guys, great soldiers. My wife had a terrible stroke or she would be more involved in this doll business. We won’t throw them away in any event and perhaps they will find a home… In the meantime I will check some of them out and try to identify them. Figured I had come to the right place. Thanks and stay safe. Keep reading…

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      • What do Tasmanian’s have for breakfast. Well not as much sweet stuff as you do in the USA I think. A lot of Aussies still love Vegemite. I can’t stand the stuff but then I wasn’t born here. My late hubby loved it. If you check out the link I sent in my second reply some of our US readers might have some good ideas. I enjoy your writing by the way. Marilyn of Serendipity introduced me to The Shinbone Star and now it is regular reading for me.


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